Drug Screening Viewed With Caution By Chains

With the “drug crisis’ in the news daily, calls for drug screening programs seem to be making headway on all fronts. But there’s one notable exception: Drugstore chains appear to be approaching the issue with extreme caution.

Ty Kelley, spokesman for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, said that while his group “supports any effort to control the theft of drugs,’ there is no official NACDS position on drug testing of employees as yet. Most chains are still committed to polygraph programs for their security needs, including screening employees for drug use. Kelley doubted, in fact, that any chains were currently involved in a drug screening program.

Support mounts: Nationally, there is no doubt that the proponents of drug testing are gaining support, particularly in the current climate of alarm over drug abuse. The Senate Labor and Human Resources subcommittee on employment and productivity estimated in 1983 that 22 million Americans used marijuana regularly and that three to seven million people in the work force used some form of illicit drug on a daily basis. According to subcommittee chairman Senator Dan Quale (R., Ind.), substance abusers make up 8% to 17% of the work force.

Many of the Fortune 500 companies already use some kind of drug test on their employees. The largest testing program in the United States is the one run by the military, which administers more than three million tests each year. The Reagan Administration would like to enforce mandatory testing for all government employees in sensitive positions.

Opposed to this growing pressure for testing is a backlash of concern about the damage to civil liberties and invasion of privacy. There are also some doubts about the efficacy of the tests. Many screening tests are reported to register false-positive results for OTC medications or even, it is reported, some herbal teas. On the other hand, there are rumored to be ways in which savvy drug abusers can “beat’ the tests.

Perhaps because of their greater sophistication about drug testing, chain drugstores do not seem to be stampeding toward such programs. “It would be a pretty bold step at this oint,’ said one chain executive, “especially considering all the ways to get around the test and all the questions about the security of the samples.’

Perhaps for the moment, pharmacists’ chief interest in the tests is as a potential new product to be marketed. At least one of the tests, called Aware, from American Drug Screens Inc. of Dallas, is currently available in pharmacies (Drug Topics, Aug. 4).

More to come: There is little doubt that pressure for wide-spread drug screening will increase, particularly as more screening tests are being backed up with more precise confirmatory tests. Is there a drug screening test in every employee pharmacist’s future? “I suspect that if the polygraph were to be banned by federal law,’ Kelley allowed, “our members would consider going to drug testing programs.’


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Are Drug Testing Kits Really Worth It?


Due to the power of technology in the modern world, it’s now possible to get your own drug testing kit that you can apply yourself, and then get the test results yourself. There are some considerations in terms of whether the kits are worth it or not. Here are a few of those considerations.


Getting a Job

One of the primary reasons for getting a drug testing kit is to make sure that you’ll pass muster on a drug test. If you have reason to think that you might fail such a test, either because you sometimes partake yourself, or because you are often around people who do, this type of test could be worth it.

Obviously you don’t have to worry about somehow getting positive test results if you don’t do drugs and are never around people who smoke. But secondhand smoke has been shown to sometimes add the chemical being tested into the body so that it actually shows up on tests.

AS a result, if you’re the slightest bit worried about this, it’s a good idea to make sure that you will test negative. One way to do this is to test yourself first with a drug test kit.


Testing Others

drug_test_kit3xx300Another use for drug testing kits is to test others. This can be either to help them figure out their own potential employment woes, or for some other reason. For example, you may want to test your children other people’s children. If you’re worried that they are entering into a destructive drug habit, this could be a good way to solve the issue and make sure that teenagers stay away from this particular potential problem.



It’s true that some drug testing kits can be somewhat expensive, but it’s also true that the cost could be worth it if you definitely want to make sure that testing goes your way. After all, if you don’t get the job, then money is going to be much more of a problem. But if you do get the job, then you’ll be able to figure out the expense.

It’s definitely a cost benefit analysis type of situation. But it will often turn out in your favor.


Other Considerations

Before you buy a test, it’s worth looking at it carefully to make sure that it’s properly approved to be safe to use. Some kits on the Internet may not have this distinction. It’s also important to make sure that you can apply the test yourself. After all, some people have some trouble with the requirements of administering a drug test.

For example, you may be required to deal with blood, or else urinate into a container in a particular way that maintains sterility. If you have any trouble doing any of these things on your own, then you may need to enlist the help of professionals.

Overall, drug testing kits are often worth it if you could use some peace of mind regarding an upcoming test that you have to take.

4 Ways to Clean Out your System for a Drug Evaluation





In a perfect world we would not have to concern ourselves with drug screens and could get us into trouble. It is also true that we wouldn’t need drug tests if no one used drugs, but alas, they do. There may be many reasons one would need to take a drug test, from legal issues to employment. If there is a chance you could provide a failing test it could really cost you in the end. The good news is that you do have options which will help you protect yourself and your livelihood. Here are four ways to cleanse your system and help you ace a drug test:


4 Ways to Clean Out your System for a Drug Test


1. Your basic water flush

water.flushDrinking an abundance of water to clean out your system is one of the oldest ways to do it. It is also one of the most effective methods used. The problem with water use is it takes time to work. By drinking water consistently and constantly you will use the bathroom more often, effectively cleansing the urinary tract and digestive system. Another problem is that the urine will appear more clear, which is a dead giveaway. If you use water it is best when you have plenty of time for your body to get back into gear, providing pee which is yellow and does not look like it has been flushed.

Some will supplement water with cranberry juice to help with the coloration issue. Another effective solution is the use of AZO. AZO is an over-the-counter oral pill used to help with urinary tract infection pain. It darkens the urine as part of the treatment. Taking one the night before the test after flushing will help maintain color.


2. The Use of Cleansing Drinks

Cleansing drinks can be purchased over-the-counter and can range in price from $15 to $50. These can really help with oral exams (go here for more on that: How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test). Research to make sure you are getting a product with a reputation for actually working. Follow all instructions which come with your cleansing kit, because these products can be fickle if not used properly. It is essential that you do precisely what the instruction tell you to. You must also be sure to follow any time guidelines given by the manufacturer. Some drinks are effective up to 5 days after the last marijuana use. Just be sure you do it the way they instruct on your packaging.


3. Consume higher levels of antioxidants

Pay attention to what you are eating. If preparing for a drug test is something you need to do on a regular basis this is going to help. By eliminating processed foods and beginning to eat foods which are high in antioxidants you are boosting your ability to cleanse on your own. While this may not be a sufficient method of cleansing alone it is great when used with a typical flush.

Foods high in antioxidants include dark chocolate, blackberries and raspberries, green tea, and more. Do some research to discover the foods with the highest levels. Consume them regularly, and this will help the cleansing process.


4. Certa or Surg Jell

sure.JellThese are pectin products which are mostly gelatin based. When consumed with large amounts of water the gelatin will coat the urinary tract, keeping any trace substances out of the urine. In the process you are flushing when you consume the water, so be sure to use AZO or cranberry juice to darken your urine prior to any test you may undergo. This process consists of putting an entire packet of gelatin in water and guzzling it, followed by more water. This will go on for awhile, but it will work well. You will feel pretty full, so be sure to prepare yourself for that as well.


There are a number of ways to cleanse your system out on a long-term basis. If you are needing to cleanse on short notice these are the most effective ways. Make sure to take action as soon as you know you will have to test. Stop drug use immediately and begin to take the steps given to reach your cleansing goal. Soon you will be acing that drug test in little to no time, and your days of worry will be over.